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Lee Gook Joo: Vogue October, 2014

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harper’s bazaar x swarovski

GD fanboy game too strong

EXO masterpieces 

Congrats BTS!

MIN Yoongi vs MINi basketball hoop

With B1A4 on their way to the states, please remember to show your respect if you are planning to greet them at airports. (No, I do not have any information of their flights and if I did it wouldn’t be publicly posted. You are responsible for finding information out on your own.)

Things to remember if you greet them at the airport:

  • Stand back and listen to security if they tell you to stand back.
  • Do not yell in the airport
  • Make sure you give them their space.
  • Do not run or rush after the boys.
  • Do not get close to the boys and try to touch them.
  • Do not shove or push them, or other fans there to try and get closer.
  • Do not put your camera in the boys faces.
  • Do not ask them for pictures (and shove your camera in their face to get one without their consent).
  • If they cannot take your gift do not try and shove it at them.
  • Do not follow them to the bus.

Remember they will be on a plane for 16 hours or so to get to New York and most likely will be exhausted. 

While they are in the states, do not follow them to their hotels or camp out in the lobbies to try and see them. Do not try try and follow them around if they’re out and about exploring. Just try and refrain from any stalker like photos of following them around, you know? This will be their first time in New York, Illinois, and Texas and going to the San Francisco area. Let them enjoy their time here since they won’t have much free time.  At the concerts also make sure you show respect for the fans around you. 

I hope those of you attending a Road Trip date will have fun and have fun meeting new BANAs!



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