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Yixing + text posts

incubus-rebirth said: Congrats <3

thank you <3


if you think you can just follow me and start talking to me as if we were friends well you are correct

they slowly got weirder and weirder

Anonymous said: Is Big Byung a real group, or will that be their only song?


They had their debut stage and disbanded on Weekly Idol.

sneaky taekook and their ice cream

It’s 5:30am; With a sleepy Bjoo 


Kyary pamyu pamyu, proving that 98% of anyone yelling about “cultural appropriation” are whiny middle-class Americans with little to no connection to the cultures that they are “defending”. Every foreigner I’ve met is happy when people take an interest in their culture, though some concerns (such as not appreciating religious significance) may be legitimate 9/10 are Westerners bullying people. Moral of the story: Just don’t be an asshole you guys

VIXX (N, Hongbin, and Leo) Ice Bucket Challenge after HEX SIGN OsakaRyeowook nominated N, Kwak Siyang (Actor from Glorious day) nominated to Hongbin and Wassup Dain nominated to Leo. 


When the golden maknae has to shoot a scene with a girl.

morning swag ~

Bangtan: /releases full length album about getting laid/
Bangtan: /can't look a girl in the eye/
11/ of my fav vixx moments: Ravi's way of shutting N & Ken up


[140819] dear diary, today my feelings were brutally wounded by Kim Sanggyun. I don’t know if can be fixed.